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Mission Statement:

Helping families survive with the hope of improving quality of life for families suffering from traumatic experiences.

More Love.... More Lives..... MORLOCK!!!!

Vision Statement:

We envision a future where individuals and families do not fall between the cracks,  but have the ability to get help through community services.  

We strive to help as many individuals and families as possible to not only survive, but flourish in the community.  

In the future,The Morlock Foundation, Inc. strives to be a widely recognized leading support organization, continuing to provide compassionate care by our support staff, and providing client centered services.  The Morlock Foundation, Inc. staff, in collaboration with other agencies and university/college, create a unique support system for both clients and members of the community. Facilitating learning and recognizing that everyone has something to offer.

Value Statements: RESPECT

Respect of clients, agency, co-workers and self

Excellence in service

Success through teamwork and goal setting

Progress through innovation, and efficient,ethical and effective practices

Experiencing love, support, growth, and respect

Caring support

Traditional family and business values

The History

Every family has a story to tell, some are stories of happiness, some are stories of suffering, and some are stories of great blessings. The Morlock Foundation, Inc. has its own story of happiness, suffering, and great blessings.

After the birth of their son, Donovan, the founders began their heart wrenching journey through various financial and emotional struggles that came with their sons many medical diagnoses.  

After twenty four years, four open heart surgeries and exceeding the doctors estimated five year life expectancy, Donovan has overcome these obstacles to become a successful adult and proud father.

This story will continue to live on through The Morlock Foundation’s mission to create happiness in the lives of those who are suffering and bring blessings to where they are needed.  The Morlock Foundation, Inc. hopes to be a light in the darkness for all families in the community.

The Morlock Foundation, Inc. was founded in 2002 as a non-

profit organization devoted to helping families in unfortunate

circumstances. Our clients have come to us in the wake of a

variety of traumas and struggles. These trying times have left

them unable to reach their full potential or improve their quality of

life as individuals or families. The struggles take many forms and

include, but are not limited to, suffering from illness, disease and

disability, traumas within the family unit, and financial strain. The

Morlock Foundation, Inc. was established as a family support system

within the community, recognizing that healthy individuals are the

foundations of healthy families, which are the foundations of healthy

communities. The foundation is dedicated to the entire Morlock

family, and especially in memory of the late Hal Gregg Morlock, a

wise and compassionate individual who understood how important it

is that we nurture one another. 

The cornerstone of The Morlock Foundation, Inc. is our
Save the Family

. This program is dedicated to its namesake, making it a

priority to meet its clients where they are during a critical phase

in their lives where they often feel isolated and hopeless. Save

the Family is devoted to building clients up and providing the

necessary support to help them achieve the best quality of life

possible. With almost 700 clients served in our 10 year history,

our program provides a wide array of services, tailored to meet

the specific needs of each client. Success has been achieved

through negotiating medical bills, assisting with organizing medical

records, providing referrals to a variety family support services,

and in some cases assisting with end of life care. Through this

mode of intervention, the foundation has saved families over $9.2

million in medical bills, prescriptions, equipment and other needs,

allowing them to turn their attention away from combating their

financial situation and focus on their emotional well-being and

caring for one another in the family unit. Our goal is to strengthen

families, promote collaboration between agencies, and provide an

environment that encourages learning and recognizes that everyone

has something to offer, all to benefit the community as a whole.


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